Silverman heckled off stage after 40 minute UK stage debut

Sarah Silverman was booed off stage at her debut UK stand-up gig at the Hammersmith Apollo on Sunday

Billed as one of the stand-up shows of the year, in vogue US comic Silverman only managed to perform a 40 minute set and had to resort to a Q&A session as the encore. With tickets to the sold out night priced at a whopping £50 each (that’s £1 a minute), according to the BBC audience members were justifiably heard shouting abuse such as; “you're over-hyped" and "I've seen longer clips on YouTube." To make matters worse the support act phoned in sick and there was no replacement.

It comes after Steve Coogan was booed at his recent comeback stand-up show in Liverpool. Is it us or is it another couple of weeks till Panto season starts? Check out Silverman on Jonathon Ross before the fateful Apollo appearance - wee bit try hard?

Sarah Silverman Jonathon Ross part 1
Sarah Silverman Jonathon Ross part 2

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