Silly Lily's jokes about willies

Lily Allen is preggers, but that hasn't softened her pathetic attempts to cause controversy caustic wit. The star attempted a Lady Gaga penis gag, while performing at The Big Chill, which unfortunately fell a bit flat.

During the gig, an ardent fan, or lover of spuds, threw a potato at the singer. Quick as a flash (just call her Jemima Carr), Lily picked up the offending vegatable and quipped, 'Somebody threw this potato at me. It says, 'Show me your penis'. They must have mistaken me for Lady Gaga.' 'I'm only joking - I love her.'

Lily also apologised for her less than glamorous get-up, saying, You will have to excuse my very casual attire but I'm pregnant - and this is the Big Chill. I went to stay the night with my dad and packed a few pairs of high heels and dresses. But my boyfriend unpacked the high heels and said, 'You will fall over' - hence the lumberjack look.'

What's the world of pop coming to?

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