Sienna takes the Law into her own hands

Last time Sienna and Jude were a couple it ended in spectacularly tawdry style, with the actor messing about with his children's nanny. Now the pair are reunited, Sienna is taking no chances and is keeping her beau on a short leash - a sensible approach considering that fidelity appears to be a foreign concept to today's male celebs. Now the actress is even considering a move to the US to keep a beady eye on Jude.

A source told the Daily Mail, 'Sienna is determined to make it work with Jude this time. She doesn't want to let him out of her sight. She loves him and wants them to stay together, so she is prepared to move wherever he is.'

Another friend recently said: 'Jude has promised there will be no affairs and Sienna demands total honesty. If either one is unhappy she has told him they must end it.'

That's what we call laying down the Law...

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