Sienna Miller's bush gets digitally enhanced

It's not just Sienna Miller's erratic lovelife that gets her in the news these days - her bush, or make that lack of bush has also been grabbing a few column inches.

Apparently Sienna's neatly clipped landing strip has caused problems in the post production of her latest film Hippie Hippie Shake, because it's not 'Swinging Sixties' enough. (The film is set in the 'let it all hang out' era, and Sienna has several nude scenes.) A Sixties bush would have been an epic affair, all wiry, wild corkscrews and shameless inner thigh covering - a world away from the painstakingly pruned strip Miller keeps.

Rather than have bearded crew member donate some clippings to the cause "Sienna's private parts were digitally enhanced, giving her a rather unruly, loud and proud bush. All the cast had a good giggle about it and stoical Sienna happily played along" said a studio source. (The Mirror)

Sienna's bush aside, the fickle in love actress is currently suing News International and Big Pictures for running pictures of her getting jiggy with still married squeeze Balthazar Getty. Sienna's furious that her and Balt's privacy aboard a dinghy on the public Amalfi coast was invaded. Furious. Last time Sienna sued The Sun for 'intrusive' photos she scooped £37,500.

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