Sienna Miller : Maid Marian out with Matthew Rhys

Poppa's got a brand new bag. Or should that be Sienna's got a brand new gig - and a man.

First off, the gig. Sienna will be teaming up with 'piece of fu*kin shit' (Joan said it) Russell Crowe in a revisionist remake of Robin Hood, called Nottingham. Grumpy Russ will play Robin Hood and Sienna Miller, the wicked witch Maid Marian.

But noone can come close to Kevin Costner and that little guy who yelled 'to the twees' in the 1991 version Prince Of Thieves we hear you cry? Oh but it can. Because Ridley Scott will be directing - and what Ridley touches with his camera, generally turns to box office gold. (Generally) The film is tipped for a November 2009 release and filming starts this summer.

As for the new recycled man, Sienna's been papped at the Edinburgh premiere of the Edge Of Love with costar Matthew Rhys, which, say tabloids, is proof of their love. We say, they both starred in the film together so were contractually obliged to be photographed together for press purposes. Noooot. They're together!

Check out the trailers for Edge Of Love, looks pretty skill

Edge of Love - Keira singing
The Edge of Love - Sienna and Matthew
Edge of Love - general
Edge of Love - more Keira singing

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