Sienna Miller has baby girl!

Model and actress Sienna Miller delivered a baby girl over the weekend to the delight of her fiancé Tom Sturridge. Miller, perhaps best known for her work with Vogue, Pepe Jeans London and Hugo Boss, announced that she was expecting late last year and has kept herself relatively low key in the lead up to the happy day.

The couple, who have been seeing each other for just over a year, have had quite the year so far, with the birth following their engagement back in February. Husband to be, Sturridge, is known for his role in Brit flick The Boat That Rocked, as well as for being best buddies with Twilight heartthrob Robert Pattinson.

While most of the details surrounding the labour are still unknown, the couple have proudly announced to the world that the bounding baby girl is to be named Marlow.

It is undoubtedly great news for Miller, who has suffered from the relationship blues in the past when her long term engagement with actor Jude Law fell apart after the star admitted to having an affair.

Things got worse when newspaper News of the World admitted to hacking the beauty's phone in a bid to find out information about the troubled relationship. However, Miller had the last laugh as the publication was forced to wind up after a series of high profile phone hacking incidents.

With no such problems facing she and Sturridge, the couple can now look forward to settling into family life with their new arrival.

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