Sienna Miller flees to New York

Oh dear. The PR machine behind Sienna Miller is moving into 5th gear amidst speculation that Sienna's highly publicised affair with Balthazar Getty could spell box office death. Sienna's 'people' (those folk who mill around noiselessly in the woodwork) are "very worried about the effect this will have on her career" a source told The Daily Mail.

Sienna's signed up to make another two GI Joe films but top brass are flapping that her marriage wrecking antics could turn punters off - meaning no more cash pouring into the 'Miller and her people pot.' Du du duh. So Sienna's taken off to New York to stay with her pop Ed and lie low a while till all the fuss blows over.

Oil billionaire Balt is sliming around the States somewhere, in constant 'radio contact' with his brand new blonde plaything (who, incidentally is hoping to marry him just as soon as his divorce goes through.) And that could be sooner rather than later - poor Rosetta's already in the lawyers office planning a sting. Messy.

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