Sienna Miller back with Balthazar Getty

Stop the press! Sienna Miller is reported to have reignited her controversial romance with Balthazar Getty.

The English actress courted controversy and media disdain after her widely publicized liaison with the married 34-year-old star of Brothers & Sisters last year. The pair were snapped last summer romping their way around Italy's Amalfi Coast while Getty's wife Rosetta Millington was back in the US looking after the kids.

Miller was roundly hung, drawn and quartered in the media while her London home was plastered with graffiti. The 27-year-old recently spoke about regretting the relationship. But that was last month because Miller and Getty were spotted over the weekend back on the Amalfi Coast getting up close and personal.

While Sienna recently claimed that she was still in love with former flame Jude Law it didn't look that way when she was nibbling on Getty's ear outside a restaurant in the coastal town of Nerano the other day.

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