Sienna & Balthazar ; not over just yet

Oh. Turns out Balt hasn't ditched Sienna, they were just holed up in a fancy hotel flying under the radar for a bit while rumours circulated that he might be doing the decent thing and begging his wife and kids to take him back.

He hasn't. And he isn't. Instead he's been riding his pushbike round LA, snogging Sienna on the very public sly, and taking her out on fancy shopping sprees. The Sun papped Sienna showing off new clothes to Balt after the squillionaire took her for a credit card bashing in Malibu yesterday. They arrived at the mall and left separately, only to reunite at a nearby hotel.

Sienna's looking like the cat that got the cream, Balt's looking a bit grey haired and/or a touch exhausted at keeping up with his young mistresses demands - but otherwise happy with his lot. Friends of Sienna say there's nothing dishonourable going on, and that Getty had been separated from his wife for a whole 6 months before he started up with Sienna.

Still, can't be too much longer till the passion fizzles out and Balthazar hoofs it back to his wife.

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