Sienna and Rhys to marry

Sienna's finally given into to her scraggy, lovable Rhys and agreed to get hitched. And boy does he deserve a medal for perseverence. 3 times chivalrous Rhyss popped the big one to Lady Miller before she finally relented.

....Although Sienna probably didn't know what he was getting at the first time round... We'd certainly be baffled to get a cryptic message in Welsh saying 'Marry your misfit'. There's being clever with words Rhys. And there's speaking Welsh!

Sooo, the happy couple are all set for summer nuptials. Which of course means feverish mobilisation of the Primrose Hill beautiful and fabulous troupe. No foraging in the Marks n Sparks bridal bin for this wedding guest list. All the big hitters'll be raiding the free bar - Kate Moss and Hincey, Sadie Frost, Keira Knightley, Noel Gallagher, Ronnie Woods, Jude Law, Davinia Taylor - and to think Sienna and Rhys just wanted to keep it low-key.

More danger of choking to death on an egg and cress sarny.

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