Sienna and Rhys: end of the road is nigh?

Sienna Miller and Rhys Ifans were all on course for a summer wedding, (to coincide with Mince's) but they could soon be pulling the plug on the nuptials - because they don't really like each other very much anymore.

Sienna and Rhys have skidded right out of the honeymoon phase and straight into the 'bit bored / can't remember what we really saw in each other in the first place phase' - and according to gossips, are on the verge of throwing the towel in.

Sienna has been losing rapid interest in her shabby Welshman because of his raging jealousy, which Closer Magazine claim, was something she also had to put up with from Jude. (Even though he was putting it to the nanny.)

"Rhys gets very jealous - he hates her socialising with other men and always wants to know where she is and who she's with. During a row she yelled at him: 'It's just like being with Jude." (Closer)

Rhyss has also been haranguing Sienna to spend quality time with him when she clearly has far more interesting things to do - like going to parties and being in LA. "It's almost painful to see them gone from being this 24/7 love-fest to him looking as if he's struggling to keep her attention. It's so sad" a concerned source told Grazia.

So, nail in the coffin for Rienna, or a few harmless creases in a pair of otherwise comfortable pants? Nail in the coffin we say! Although we have been known to get these things wrong.

Sienna and Rhys don't look too happy here

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