Sienna and Balthazar - getting it on in public

Never leave a lover till you've got another bigger better model on the backburner. That's Sienna Miller's motto of the moment.

Having got shot of Rhys Ifans via a phonecall last month, Sienna has pitched up with an altogether scrummier (if not less interesting catch) Brothers and Sisters star Balthazar Getty. The man with the most unlikely name in the world and Sienna have been seeing each other in secret since just before Sienna got rid of Rhys and Balthazar broke the news to his wife Rosetta. Balt has been married for 8 years and has four kids.

Miller and Getty are currently swanning round the Italian Riviera on a rubber dinghy loveboat where they've been papped snogging and looking every inch the image of non marital bliss. Back home in LA Rosetta has called in the divorce lawyers.

Sienna is 'delighted' with both her new catch and the prospect of moving to LA to become part of a transatlantic power couple. Rhys Ifans meanwhile is still down and out in Wales and London, ruuing the day he ever met Sienna. And Matthew Rhys, aka 'the decoy' (Miller's ex lover and Balthazar's Brothers and Sisters co star) is off doing nooone knows what, and noone cares. A friend of Matthew's said "This behavior is typical Sienna. At least Rhys Ifans can try to get over it now." Hear hear. Check out Balthazar and Matthew Rhys behind the scenes in Brothers and Sisters. Balt's boring but Rhys is quite a wit.

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