Sick Cheryl Cole rape threat

Police are investigating a threat to rape Cheryl Cole after a deranged man left a disturbing message on the mobile phone of X Factor presenter Dermot O’Leary. O’Leary, who has worked with Cole on the show since she joined last year, got in touch with the police as soon as he heard the message, which has not been played to the Girls Aloud singer.

‘The message was of a sexual, threatening and sickening nature,’ said a source close to O’Leary. ‘Dermot was horrified when he heard it. He thought at first it was a sick wind-up, but soon realised there was something sinister going on.

‘Somehow this caller has tried to get hold of her number and somehow accidentally got Dermot's. If they were prepared to go to that effort, who knows what they would be prepared to do?’

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