Showmance? No way!

If you've been a bit lax on your D-list celebrity relationship knowledge recently, sit back and let us update you. Alex Reid, formerly hubby of Katie Price, is now shacked up with Chantelle. Both Chantelle and Reid are Celebrity Big Brother victors, which makes it completely logical that the pair would hitch their wagons together, to make the most of their 15 minutes of fame. The lovers appeared yesterday on This Morning to discuss their burgeoning relationship.

According to The Daily Mail, Alex told Eamonn Holmes, 'I was very nervous when I first met Chantelle, because my heart was still broken... but she's mended it. I was scared of love after... you know.' You know what, Alex? Ooh, he's a mysterious one. Having been all enigmatic, he continued, 'It feels like there's no pressure - at first I was a bit stand-offish and I was like 'hold on' - I was scared of love after for better for worse.'

While Chantelle gushed, 'I always call him the hurricane - he walks into the room and he's literally like a hurricane, he walks in and lights up the room and makes everyone feel good about themselves and he does, he makes me feel really good about myself and I haven't felt like that in a long time.' Alex completed the love-in by concluding, 'Love has got many degrees. This feels real, this feels relaxed and I don't want to compare anything to anybody else. This feels right, right now.' Right now? Perhaps not a relationship for next month's OK! magazine, then...

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