Showbiz Pizza Band are new kings of YouTube

One American rite of passage that has never made it across the pond is the obligatory kids' birthday party at Chuck E Cheese. The venerable US chain offers pizzas the size of tractor tyres, children's goodie bags, and, of course, the famous animitronic Showbiz Pizza Band - roughly akin to eight-foot models of the Banana Spilts grooving mechanically through the hits of the day.

Well, we don't get the pizzas or the games, but through the glory of YouTube we can now enjoy tracks like Usher's 'Love in this Club' performed as we've always wanted to hear them - sung by a clockwork bear in dungarees, backed by assorted lions, mice and an enormous chicken in a dustbin.

And with Chuck E Cheese videos getting hundreds of thousands of hits online, it can't be long before some enterprising record company signs up the Showbiz Pizza Band and saves a few thousand dollars from their video budget. Check out the Showbiz Pizza Band performing Usher's Love In This Club

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