Should Gwynny, shouldn't Gwynny?

If there is such thing as the fairytale wedding, then there's such thing as the fairytale divorce. While mere mortals might not prescribe to this theory, one celebrity divorcee certainly does, and that someone is...have you guessed it yet? - Madonna.

The Queen of pop is apparently encouraging her old pal Gwyneth Paltrow to give mild mannered rocker Chris Martin the heave ho. Madge and Mr Martin allegedly clashed egos big time the few times they met, with Chris refusing to kiss Madge's derriere. (How very dare he?)

Reports have been swirling about strain in the Paltrow-Martin marriage for some time. Chris was allegedly sprung kissing other girls, (probably not true) and the tabloids are going into overdrive about their impending divorce, (again, probably not true.)

Well when the going gets tough for her gal pals, Madge diagnoses divorce. There IS such thing as 'the perfect divorce, with no squabbling and sharing the children equally,' said the ever pragmatic QOP (or at least an imaginary source on her behalf.)

Just a thought Gwynny - Madge isn't exactly the first person we'd call for marriage counselling. She's been hitched more times than we've had hot dinners and she's got the financial wherewithal to squash any ex husband underfoot like an insect when married life becomes too demanding. How about talking to a normal friend? Or failing that, Elton?

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