Shore thing

It was only a matter of time. MTV show Jersey Shore, which follows the travails of a bunch of boozy young Italian-Americans has been a huge hit in the US, so huge that it even prompted furious Italians to demand its cancellation. So it must be doing something right. And now it's coming our way. The boys from the show, Pauly D and Vinny Guadagnino, are over here judging a 'MTV Miss Jersey Shore UK' beauty pageant.

Pauly D told The Daily Mail, 'We didn’t think that it was going to blow-up the way that it did. That’s why it’s such a hit because we didn’t go into it with that mentality, we just went into it like regular people – we didn’t know what we were doing.' The Italian-American stallion also hit back at the naysayers who claim that the show gives an unfavourable impression of the 'Old Country', saying, 'I don’t agree with any of that. I’m proud to be Italian, I don’t represent all Italians by any means, I only represent myself.'

Rumours abound that the show will be remade here, as Geordie Shore. Please Mr TV Exec, make this happen...

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