'Shoppers of the world unite' ; Victoria Beckham's revolutionary roots

Isn't life cruel? Toiling your whole life as a principled pauper, giving your all to the Communist struggle......and then inadvertently spawning Victoria Beckham.

That's right, in an evil twist of fate, it's come to light that the world's most voracious consumer of all things capitalist and overpriced, is the great great great grandaughter of a German Revolutionary! The shocking discovery was made by Hans Muller, an OAP hobby historian who's been researching the genealogical roots of Carl Heinrich Pfänder (1819-1876). Pfänder and Karl Marx were close friends and political allies.

After participating in the worker's revolution in Germany, Pfänder jumped shipped to London in order to escape the by now 'hairy' political situation at home. Once safely in London he then scratched a living as as an artist, grafted tirelessly as a member of the Communist party in London, and died penniless, tossed in a pauper's grave. Thankfully he was blissfully unaware at how his lineage would spawn one of the world's most devoted capitalist slaves - albeit one who plied her trade spouting revolutionary 'feminist' rhetoric. (That much they had in common.)

Lady B's mother Jacqueline has been told of the discovery, and has promised to pass the news on to Vix. That's if she can tear La Beckham away from her credit card bashing on Sunset Boulevard! Pfänder must be spinning in his grave.

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