'Shocked and stunned'

More drama in the world of Cheryl Cole today, as she reveals (through ‘friends’, of course) that she didn’t leave the U.S. X Factor because she was homesick. No; instead she is apparently ‘shocked’ and ‘stunned’ at being dismissed by ruthless TV and pop mogul Simon Cowell.

‘She is completely shocked and stunned,’ the friend said (See? - Ed). ‘She never saw this coming at all. The fact that Simon didn't tell her in person hurt. She never thought he would do that to her.

However others connected to the show have said that there was no surprise at all, and that Cowell even told her in person at his own home, explaining to her that the Fox execs weren’t happy with her performance, and were concerned about her accent.

‘Cheryl can hardly say this was a total shock,’ said the Cowell source. ‘She actually knew about it three days ago. Simon told her in person at his house that it wasn't working and that he was under so much pressure to release her.

‘She knows she has been nervous in her performances and TV execs were privately concerned.’

However even if the Cowell camp are being truthful, that doesn’t help Cole any, as now her plans for pop stardom in the States are completely scuppered: without the X Factor off which to promote herself, she is a dead duck across the pond. Her new manager Will.i.am had lined up duets with Usher and Rihanna which will probably now never see the light of day. Poor girl.

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