Shock as Ella Henderson gets booted off the X Factor

Despite many people in the past branding it "the Fix Factor", this week's results do nothing but confirm the opposite. The public's vote has left Ella Henderson and James Arthur fighting for a place on the show, with the young girl losing out when the acts' fate was reverted back to the public vote after judges resorted to deadlock. How could that possibly be a fix? Seriously. How keeping Rylan Clark and Christopher Maloney, while getting the rid of possibly the most powerful voice on the show, could be good for business?

When it comes to the judges, we often hear "we are looking for a recording artist" being thrown around. So how can they (or Simon Cowell) possibly be happy about having still in the competition two contestants that would better suit a cruise ship's stage. In the specific case of fun-loving Clark, we can't deny his entertaining qualities, nevertheless, the man can't sing and should not be on the show. Nicole Scherzinger is clearly to blame for choosing him as one of her final acts, but Tulisa Contostavlos is partially responsible too for having allowed this to happen.

It was always obvious that supporting Rylan's acts would have affected the show's quality, musically speaking. Regardless, when the N-Dubz star had the chance to vote him off two weeks ago, she decided to keep him in the competition. She couldn't have predicted Ella's elimination but still, she shouldn't be complaining much about the current situation.

So what will happen next week? At this stage, it's very hard to make any guess. Lets hope the public will see some sense and quality will prevail over the bling and the cheese. After all, it's called the X Factor, not Britain's Got Talent: extraordinary singing abilities and global appeal should be a must.

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