Shirley some mistake, Kate?

You can always rely on Kate Moss to take things one step further than the bounds of decency and decorum, and for that we salute her. According to the Daily Mail, La Moss was on fine hell-raising fettle at a dinner party hosted by Sir Philip Green at the Dorchester's China Tang restaurant. After attacking the champers with a little too much gusto, she then shouted at the TopShop head honcho (always a good idea to berate your boss on an office night out).

However, things took a turn for the surreal at the after party where Kate was rather taken by the 'Diamonds are Forever' diva. A bystander picks up the story, ‘Kate had been fawning over Dame Shirley all night – she’s a huge fan. At one point she lunged at Shirley and planted a kiss firmly on her mouth.’

Making a drunken pass at an octagenarian? Kate, whatever next?

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