She's our Zsa Zsa Gabor...

It's been a good few weeks since Peaches last marriage, and she is almost 22 - positively ancient in Hollywood years, so the rebellious trust fund-er is dragging herself and the nearest C-list celeb down the aisle. Geldof is set to marry Eli Roth, her boyfriend of four months, and is apparently keen to start a family.

A friend told The Sun, 'We wouldn't be surprised if they started a family together very soon. They are confident this is the real deal. They want a wedding on a New York rooftop and plan to invite about 50 friends including Quentin Tarantino. Apart from the trendy venue it will be a traditional Jewish ceremony in keeping with Eli's family faith. They are trying to keep it secret - I don't know if Peaches' dad knows yet.'

If a Peaches story doesn't end with those immortal words, it's a crushing disappointment to us. Do you think old Bob might have an inkling now?

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