She's on her way!

Beyonce isn't just a multi platinum selling popstar slash all round lifestyle icon, she's a nice lass at heart too. Unlike many characters who inhabit that mad old world called pop, Beyonce gets good press, with many a story popping up about her consideration for friends. Pity that bezzy mate Gwynny doesn't show the same love.

According to The Sun, and therefore to be taken with a big fistful of salt, Beyonce delayed the start of her London Fashion Week show, The House of Deréon because Gwyneth Paltrow was supposed to be turning up. It sounds like Gwynny was doing the classic 'I'll be there in 10 minutes, I swear' trick - loosely translated as: 'I'm still in my pyjamas', because a patient Beyonce delayed dancers and models going on stage in the vain hope that her pal would flounce through the doors. The Sun explains:

'Beyonce halted the whole thing because she thought Gwyneth was about to arrive. She kept calling her but she didn't show. People couldn't wait any longer and they had to get on with it. Beyonce wasn't angry. She was just disappointed.' Ouch, there's nothing worse than the D word.

Gwynny and Beyonce and Jay-Z and Chris have been rock solid friends for a number of years. The Sun kindly reports that they enjoy playing boardgames as well as doing other showbizzy things like going on expensive holidays together. Could Gwynny's no show drive a wedge the size of the Watford Gap through them? We'll have to watch and wait.

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