'She's like Cruella de Vil'

We all know that Katie Price has something of an unscrupulous way about her when it comes to men: she likes to chew them up and spit them out, preferably while making them look ridiculous in the process.

Alex Reid was no different, and now that he’s been chucked the celebrity gossip-hungry public are waiting with baited breath for the kind of revelations he’s going to spill to the gossip rags. Hard to believe that there’s anything that we don’t already know, but there you go. Even yesterday he was (through a friend, according to The Sun) calling her Cruella De Vil, saying: ‘all her men are like the 101 Dalmatians. They're destined to be skinned, worn for a while - then tossed in the bin.

‘It's my turn to tell what really happened. I've kept my mouth shut for months, but now people will hear what an evil woman Katie is.

‘She has tortured me, toyed with me and broken my heart over and over again. She never loved me. I see that now. And she is doing to this pretty boy what she did to me. Katie needs help.’

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