'She's like a registered mark'

Shy and retiring Argentinian model Leandro, has finally opened up about his love for Katie Price, explaining to the world that he admires Price's canny business sense for turning herself into 'a brand'. We're not sure it's a rock solid basis for a relationship, but Katie probably isn't after advice at this point; after all, she's racking up the column inches...

In a radio interview in Argentina, Leandro spoke of his romance with Katie, telling the host admiringly, 'She is like a registered mark that sells everything with her name on it.' Speaking of the fateful night that they met, he said, 'The great thing of all this is I was at the party and I thought, 'I like this girl.' And I went and I didn't know anything about her, didn't even know her name. The party ended, we had two days in Los Angeles, then I went to London. She warned me that it was going to be chaos, but I couldn't have anticipated how much.'

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