She's leaving on a jetplane

Not content with sending the world’s media in to a frenzy by purchasing a coffee in Starbucks yesterday, Cheryl Cole made headlines again by flying off to LA last night with her backing dancer Derek Hough. The pair were greeted at the airport by the obligatory paparazzi scrum. Cheryl opted for the classic celebrity disguise of gigantic sunglasses, whilst Derek loitered a few feet behind her, lest anyone should suspect that they are anything more than friends.

Frankly, for a girl who is still recovering from a pretty serious disease, Cheryl looks stunning. Yesterday she issued a heartfelt statement to the doctors who saved her life, saying ‘I want to say how grateful I am for everything you guys have done. I wouldn't be here now, if it wasn't for you.'

She plans to return to the X Factor once she’s fully recovered, much to our delight because that Pussycat Doll's outfits just aren’t as good.

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