'She's down in the dumps'

Poor Elisabetta Canalis, the Italian B-list celeb almost got her hands on one of Hollywood's hottest properties, only for him to slip through her fingers just as she was making the transition from 'dancer on game-shows' to 'almost actress'. Let's hope her career doesn't take a hit. Many thought that 50 year-old George Clooney might be ready to hang up his party shoes and settle down, they thought wrong. And Elisabetta's 'rents are especially miffed...

Canalis's dad told The Daily Mail, 'Certainly he would have made a good son in law but it's my daughter who has to decide.' Her mother Bruna said, 'Elisabetta is very down in the dumps. I've spoken to her and she is very sad but these things happen.'

An eagle-eyed neighbour near Clooney's mansion told the paper,'She was here the other day. Shorts and a T shirt packing up her suitcases and moving things out. She had her dog with her and was smoking a lot - I did hear that George wasn't keen on her smoking.'

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