She's certainly a little bit eccentric

There were some rather disturbing images released to the newspapers yesterday of this year’s national treasure Cheryl Cole being manhandled by a load of fans outside the X Factor auditions, with one young lady getting a little bit closer than was absolutely necessary; grabbing her wrist while asking her to sign a DVD cover, and being a little bit too reluctant to let go.

The Sun have done a little bit of digging, and it turns out the girl – 21-year-old Danielle Beeres – has a unhealthy obsession with the Girls Aloud star. Beeres, who works for airline BMI, lists only ‘Cheryl Cole’ as her single interest, and according to her work colleagues keeps a scrapbook full of articles and pictures of her favourite pop star. She even practices Chezza’s signature, which begs the question: why didn’t she just sign her own DVD?

‘Danielle is mad about Cheryl, so in a way I'm not surprised she's done this,’ said the former workmate. 'All she talks about is Cheryl. I've even heard her telling passengers how amazing she is. We have to carry around cabin folders with our paperwork, and hers are full of pictures of Cheryl ripped from magazines and papers.

‘It's strange to see her sat there on a flight signing Cheryl's name on bits of scrap paper. And weirder when she signs her own name ‘Danielle Cole’. She's certainly a little bit eccentric, to say the least.’

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