'She's a young me, completely'

With tales of melodrama and diva strops, you might think that Cheryl would want to distance herself from her XFactor charges, Cher in particular. Not one bit. In an interview with Sara Cox for Radio 1, the singer praised Cher and said that the comparisons with herself were uncanny (like).

Cole told Sara Cox, 'She reminds me of a young me completely. Even the type of music she listens to, how she performs. Even the way she performs - you know, when you forget the camera is there and pull faces, she's doing that at the moment. People just need to get used to the performance.

Cheryl continued, 'I think she is 17, she's got that teenage edge going on. She is different. And I get her completely. All the girls are great girls, honestly. I have to work with them as well - I wouldn't put them through if I didn't think I could.'

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