She’s a celebrity...get her out of there!

It’s been reported that Katie Price has accepted the speculated £450,000 for her to reappear on I’m A Celebrity...Get Me Out Of Here, much to the annoyance of ex-hubby Peter Andre.

According to The Mirror, Peter is royally peeved that Katie hasn’t asked him who’ll be looking after their kids whilst she’s away.

"Pete is absolutely furious,” said a source. “Obviously, he hopes he'll get more access to the kids over the New Year. But he feels like he's been left in the dark about child care.

"Pete turned the programme down - he thought going back on smacked slightly of desperation. And he is bemused by Katie's decision to go back - it's not as if she needs the money or the profile.”

Hmmm, but another highly publicised romance in the jungle wouldn't do any harm, would it? Remember how the public took to her when she got together with Pete. Now who could she hook up with?

How about one of the Chuckle Brothers? We doubt Pete would see the funny side.

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