She's a brat

You can’t keep Cheryl Cole out of the news these days, can you? It doesn’t matter what she does or why, but the movements of the new Queen of our Hearts simply must be recorded, even when they are of little consequence. Hence why you need to know about Simon Cowell calling her a ‘brat’.

The high-trousered one unleashed the insulted at poor old Cole after revealing he was quite peeved at her jetting off to the States (to sign a £6million music contract, no less) when she should have been hanging around with her acts on the X Factor, watching them foul up the place with their terrible warbling.

‘It was completely brattish to fly off to America like she did,’ said Cowell. ‘Cheryl is a brat. She comes in sometimes and she is a brat.

‘Whether you like it or not, when you are on this show you can't just turn up on a Saturday and Sunday and be on television... you've actually got a job to do. If you're not around the contestants will make it known exactly how unhappy they are.’

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