Sherlock Homosexual

Sherlock Holmes doesn’t come out till Boxing Day, but judging by the trailer (and early preview reaction), it’s already being tipped for movie of the year. While movie of the year may be a little strong, it's definitely contender for movie of the year about Sherlock Holmes featuring Robert Downey Jr and Jude Law.

During Robert Downey Jr’s press junket rounds to plug the new Sherlock Holmes film, in which RDJ plays the legendary sleuth, the actor confessed he has a crush on his co-star Jude Law:

‘The only person I'm in love with is sitting on my left [Jude]. I am here on a night out with the boys. The flirting started the minute we met. It was based on mutual respect and admiration,’ he told PA.

Aw, how sweet. But best not to break the news to Robert that Jude is courting old flame Sienna Miller then....

Watch the Sherlock Holmes trailer here.

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