Sherlock Holmes sequel in the pipeline

Warner Brothers are rumoured to be already planning a sequel to Guy Ritchie's forthcoming Sherlock Holmes flick despite the fact that it doesn't go on release for another three months.

Former Hollywood hell raiser Robert Downey Jr. stars in the lead role with English heartthrob Jude Law playing the role of Holmes' trusty sidekick Dr. Watson.

The film's trailer has enjoyed a mixed reception from fans and critics alike, but that doesn't appear to bother the executives at Warners who are reported to have commissioned a number of writers to pen a sequel.

Law has previously made it clear that he would love to see the film turned into a franchise: "We would love that the audience falls in love with it (the movie) as much as we have, as then we can (make) a whole bunch more."

Downey Jr. has also expressed his willingness to make Holmes part two: "We definitely agreed to renegotiate for a part two. We feel really strongly about that. We might shoot the next one abroad."

Anything that stops Ritchie from making a followup to the god awful RocknRolla has to be seen as a good thing.

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