Sheen in mental exam ruling

Charlie Sheen has been told by a US court that he must take part in a psychological examination by a 'licensed medical professional', in order to spend time with his children, Max and Bob. (Good names, by the way). The incresingly wacky actor has been prevented from seeing his kids after months of bizarre behaviour.

According to The Mirror, a new court ruling orders that the actor must undergo psychological examinations before being allowed to see his sons. A source said, 'Charlie understands what needs to happen if he wants to see his sons. Any psychiatrist used is going to be very strict. The court will insist on someone neutral who hasn’t previously treated him.'

The ruling comes after an acrimonious battle between Sheen and his ex wife, Brooke Mueller, who has argued that he is unfit to be a father, and that she is 'extremely concerned' for her children's safety.

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