She was a nightmare

Craig Phillips, he of Big Brother 1 fame, has made the questionable move of saying something bad about Jade Goody in the wake of her death, labelling her a 'nightmare' and 'difficult to live with.'

Phillips, who won the original BB way back in 2000, took part in shonky Channel Five reality show Back To Reality in 2004, and wasn't very impressed with how she behaved around anyone.

'It was really sad what happened to Jade. In her last six months she did a lot of good work raising awareness of cervical cancer,' Phillips said, making sure he got his caveat in early. 'But when I met her on that show she was a total nightmare. I found her really difficult to live with. She was argumentative, aggressive and I had a load of run-ins with her.

'Everyone is being nice about Jade since she died, even people who slagged her off before. But that wasn't my experience of her. I wasn't a friend of Jade.' Hypocrites take note please.

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