She used to be shy

Rebecca Haynes, the air Stewardess who yesterday revealed that she had been propositioned for sex by Wayne Rooney on his stag do, has spoken about her friend Jenny Thompson, the prostitute who had a series of appointments with the England striker. It turns out that all she wants is to get in on the WAG lifestyle, and that she decided that if she was going to have sex with lots of rich footballers, why not get paid for it? A depressing train of thought if ever there was one.

‘When I first met her she was shy,’ said Haynes, 26. ‘She’s from a really good family and went to private school. But within a few years she was slumped over nightclub toilets after passing out from coke binges and had bedded at least half of Bolton’s football team... When she turned 17 she suddenly started coming out on her own and wearing next to nothing.

‘Jenny just basically started going out in her underwear. She’d bring a huge holdall which she’d leave behind the bar as she never knew where she’d wake up. And she would take far too much coke and get really drunk. My friend saw her take lines off the sink basin. A few times she collapsed and an ambulance had to be called.

‘She used to tell me, ‘I’m going to bag a footballer’, and whenever she saw one she’d make a beeline for him. A lot of the time she’d end up going home with them. She’s giving Bolton a really bad name and I just think it’s so sad. She’s pretty and clever. I don’t know why she thought the only way to earn her living or make her name was on her back.’

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