'she sat in her hotel room eating digestive biscuits'

Just when we thought we’d never get to the bottom of the mystery surrounding Cheryl Cole’s axe from the X Factor USA, up pops an out there theory – it’s all the fault of her love for digestive biscuits. Which is as good enough a reason to not work as any, we feel.

Apparently, according to a production executive at Fox, who make the show, Cole didn’t spend any of her time in the States putting herself out there, and instead sat in her room eating biscuits, feeling down. This makes sense given how she has apparently said that she didn’t ever really want to crack the USA, and that X Factor was never what she was all about.

‘Instead of attending the Grammy Awards and the Coachella music festival… she sat in her hotel room eating digestive biscuits,’ said the exec. ‘She just seemed very down. There was too much negativity around her.’

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