Shayne Ward leaves Dancing on Ice after losing to Matt Lapinskas

Taking a tumble in a skate-off competition generally means the end of a dream, but clearly this was Matt Lapinskas' lucky day, as he survived another week on “Dancing on ice”. However the judges were not that soft when it came to former X Factor winner Shayne Ward, who was the latest contestant to be booted off the competition on Sunday night.

Drama was high for the boys this week, as two of them failed to impress the public and ended up performing head-to-head for a place in the competition, a first all male skate-off since the beginning of the show. Shayne skated to Tom Jones's Mama Told Me Not To Come, giving a great performance and wearing a bright pink shirt that caught the eye of cheeky judge Ashley Roberts.

On the other hand East Enders star Matt impressed the judges by dancing marvellously on the notes of the Black Swan, the first piece of classical music to be used for the competition. It might have been all those feathers and the black make-up, but Matt and Brianne Delcourt bagged a score of 28, which was their best so far.

Another shock this week was the 30 seconds solo routine, which saw the celebrities skating without partner and that left Shayne struggling for a vote from the public. Judge Karen Barber was clearly disappointed by the bottom two choice and said 'This is the skate-off that should never have been, neither of you should be here but I'm going to save Matt.' Also Ashley found Matt's performance more entertaining and opted to save him.

The actor's slip raised instead Jason Gardiner's eyebrow, who preferred to save Shayne, stating 'In my opinion the save me skate should be skated perfectly - which is why I'm saving Shayne'. The final cut was taken by judge Robin Cousins, who also decided to put Matt through to next week.

Next show will see Matt Lapinskas, Keith Chegwin, Beth Tweddle, Gareth Thomas, Joe Pasquale, Luke Campbell and Samia Ghadie skating for survival.

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