Goodness me! That Shayne Ward's a one, isn't he? Olly Murs was predictably unshocking when he gave his opinion on this year's crop of X Factor wannabees earlier this week, backing Aiden Grimshaw's shocking removal and tipping his mentor Simon's act One Direction to win. But Shayne Ward - who was mentored by grouchy old Louis Walsh, his only winner to date - has a different take on the boy band - he reckons they're MIMING.

'They shouldn't mime but there has to be a reason,' Ward says, 3am reports. 'With X Factor you do loads of interviews - a lot of talking. So when it comes to the weekend voices are shot. You can tell they're hurting because they don't want to mime.

'Not that I ever did it,' he hastilly adds. Oh no, Shayne, we could tell that from the fact it never sounded that good...

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