Sharpie signs Beckham

So we’ve had some random celebrity endorsements. Paris Hilton was the face of a new champagne brand and even Amy Winehouse had her own brand of shoes. But, you know, at least we know Paris Hilton drinks champagne and Amy Winehouse wears shoes – sometimes. Being the face of the brand, means that the general public must be able to believe that they might occasionally use the product.

But new of a new celebrity endorsement is slightly harder to believe. David Beckham has put his face to the Sharpie brand of permanent marker pens. What does David Beckham use permanent marker pens for? Somehow we find it hard to picture him writing his name on his lunchbox so he doesn’t confuse his sandwiches with the other guys on the team…

Why would David Beckham need to carry around permanent markers? Well, thanks to the press office at Sharpie marker pens, all is now about to become clear.

“Like the Sharpie brand, David Beckham embodies individuality and creative expression. He is the rare athlete who transcends nationality and sport to command worldwide attention, making him the perfect ambassador for Sharpie marker users who are as passionate about the bold mark of a Sharpie as they are about the colours, variety and almost limitless uses of the product.”

Passionate about pens? Almost limitless uses of the product? Hey, maybe there’s something we don’t know about Dave’s tattoos…

(Image: from YouTube)

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