Sharon’s a diamond

‘Here, have a diamond as well,’ shouted Sharon Osbourne as she chucked a £30,000 diamond ring into the audience at Elton John’s AIDs charity event at London Astoria’s G-A-Y. Sharon, ever the crowd-pleaser, was throwing AIDs ribbons into the audience when she suddenly felt the urge to treat one of the onlookers. 

Sharon’s spokesman Garry Farrow said ‘It was a spontaneous gesture. Sharon was in a great mood, there was a great crowd and it was a poignant event. Christmas has come early for whoever caught it.’  At £30,000 that’s more than just one Christmas! If only husband Ozzy had learnt on-stage antics off his missus. This one definitely beat biting the head off a bat.  Nice one Shazza!

(Image: from YouTube)

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