Sharon Osbourne: Danii just wants to f*ck Simon Cowell

Sharon Sharon Sharon. Somebody give the woman a daily radio spot on who she hates and why. Actually forget that, just get her a daily Danii Minogue hatecast.

Hot off the press today, Sharon Osbourne has torn strips off Danii Minogue for being a plastic little princess whose only mission on X-Factor was to "f*ck Simon Cowell." Shazza made the revelations during an ITV1 interview with Piers Morgan who questioned Sharon's motives for quitting the show. “Dannii Minogue. All Dannii wanted to do was f*** Simon Cowell. That’s why she’s on the show” said Sharon, also liking Minogue to a 'mosquito you just want to flick away.'

Sharon then defended her request for a £2mill paycheck prior to quitting, claiming she hoped to force show execs to sack her because she couldn't stand another 6 months of sitting next to the MinMonster.

Hmmm. It's all very noble leaving a juicy cash cow of a show like X-Factor because you can't stand one of the other judges but does Sharon seriously expect anyone to believe that she didn't try and milk it before she left?

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