Sharon 'blabber' Osbourne strikes again

National heroine Cheryl Cole spent an evening being consoled by our favourite mouthy matriarch, Sharon Osborne when the two found themselves side by side in the VIP box at Lady Gaga's O2 gig last week. But Chezza might now regret being so open with Shazza, as she told all to the waiting media. Luckilyy for Cheryl, though, it's 100% gushing flattery.

Our Shaz told The Mirror 'She looked divine, not distressed, she was really, really OK. Look, she can’t be doing that badly if she’s out there enjoying herself. Absolutely good luck to her. She’s a young woman, blessed with talent and beauty, she’s got it all going for her. She was talking about Los Angeles, she’s keen to get back there.'

She wittered on: 'Cheryl was 23 when she married Ashley. I mean, come on, they were kids. You make a great looking couple and at that age you think it’s the best thing ever. How many men must be rubbing their hands now? She’s going to need a bodyguard to keep them all away. Cheryl’s a self-made woman and should be proud of herself. And she’s surrounded by people who love her.'

Perhaps there's a clause in Cheryl's contract stipulating that she only seek advice from X Factor judges past and present - it'll be little Louis's turn next...

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