Sharleen Spiteri tells Paris Hilton to fu*k off

What do you do if Paris Hilton is standing on your coat at a party and just won't get off? Well if you're Sharleen Spiteri, you start by blowing a drink at her through a straw. When she snaps 'who the fu*ck are you, you stupid b*tch' - that's your cue to start lobbing ice cubes at her. If she still doesn't leave after the pelting? Launch into your best Glaswegian girlgang drawl and threaten to 'fu*kin kick the sh*t out of her".

Exactly what Sharleen Spitieri did at party recently when the indolent heiress stamped all over her friend's coats. "I was embarrassed to even be exchanging dialogue with her" explained Spiteri, "but she just went on and on. So I got up out of my chair and said: 'Look, if you don't f**k off, I'll kick the s**t out of you'" - at which point PeeBrain pooed her pants and left. Scary Spiteri!

Check out Sharleen telling Graham Norton all about it.

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