Shane Ward axed by Cowell

Simon Cowell sure is wielding the pop axe at the moment - just days after ending wee Joe McElderry's contract, he's gone and switched off Shane Ward's life support too. Both X Factor winners have now been cast out into the pop wilderness, with only Butlins and a stint on 'Chicago' standing between them and oblivion.

An affable yet steely insider at Cowell's record label told The Sun, 'Shayne's a nice lad and works hard but people just don't seem to want to buy his music. He doesn't fit into the categories of stuff kids buy. He'd be better off in a boyband. After five very successful years and an international career which saw him sell over 3.2 million records, Shayne's contract has come to an end.'

Matt Cardle must be quaking in his Timberland boots...

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