Shane on you...

Shane Ritchie will have an awful lot of explaning to do, after it emerged that he'd been enjoying a six year affair with the President of his fan club (yes, you heard that right), who he first met when she was 13 years old. Alison Hall, now 29, said that the liasons began when Shane asked the fan club Prez to look after his website.

Alison told The Daily Mail 'The first time we had sex we were in the spare room and my mum was downstairs. I remember my head banging against the door and I was worried she would hear. I had spent years dreaming about being with Shane and now it was actually happening. It wasn't quite how I imagined it but it was still incredibly exciting. I felt guilty because we both had partners but there was no way I could say no.

She continued, 'Like an idiot I went along with him for years. I devoted 17 years of my life to Shane. He knew I would do anything for him and he used me for sex. I was completely besotted and he took advantage of that. It broke my heart. He was my life and when he dropped me I felt like I had nothing to live for. Sometimes I felt like a prostitute. he'd come round to my house for sex and afterwards he'd give me £100 and say 'that's for the website'.'

Clearly Shane has no idea what the going rate is for a Web Master these days...

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