Shaken & Stirred

It’s been reported that Naomi Campbell was confronted by woman at a party at the weekend, leaving the model shaken.

According to the New York Post, the clothes horse was minding her own business at a gathering at the W hotel in Miami when a woman thought to be British pushed passed Naomi’s bouncers to give her a piece of her mind;

‘Naomi and her people were talking to DJ Mike Noveau when some crazy British girl came over, shoved Mike out of the way, and started screaming at her’, reports the newspapers source, ‘She yelled, 'How could you do that, you ****?'

‘She was quickly dragged away. Naomi started walking in the opposite direction and yelled back at her.’

It’s not known the reasons behind the random outburst, but to halt a repeat Naomi is expected to increase her entourage and security to nearly 4000.

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