Shaheen's got most of the talent in Britain. Fact

Susan Boyle's got a contender for the Britain's Got Talent crown. Young Shaheen Jafargholi took to the BGT stage on Saturday night to sing Amy Winehouse hit Valerie. However, he was out of time with the backing music. Being the cruel to be occasionally kind pop svengali he is, Simon Cowell pulled the plug and told him to sing a new song.

What Shaheen sang next (Who’s Loving You) put the Jackson 5's version of it to shame. Although Shaheen doesn't have the media friendly back-story that Boyle has (never been kissed, carer for sick mother etc) he does have a spookily amazing voice on his side, and a photogenic mother who weeps in the wings. He's also got more drive than the average Mickey Mouser trying to break the US market.

"I see myself as a solo artist. I love the idea of it being me out there on my own, under the spotlight. (X Factor) is not something that would suit me. I went on this show because it’s an entertainment show and I’m an entertainer" he said.

Is Britain's Got Talent the biggest cheddarfest on the box? Is it getting dangerously addictive? Yes and yes again. Aaargh.

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