Sex text model strikes again

If you don’t have much of a moral compass you’d be forgiven for thinking that sexting is the new black/staying in. A whole gaggle of celebs have used their digits to send naughty type-os including Bolton’s finest Vernon Kay, Ca$hley and, most recently, Tiger Woods.

According to The Sun, the glamour girl at the centre of Vernon Kay’s romancing has struck again, this time with Calum Best succumbinig to her maninising ways. Page 3 ‘stunner’ Rhian Sugden reportedily spent a night between the sheets with Calum after a fun packed day at Alton Towers.

‘Rhian and Calum were flirting as the drinks flowed and ended up getting it on’, reports their insider who said Calum then played her at her own game and sent her a text the next day saying: ‘Typical, you ordered extra sausage.’

No mention of having a going on the Cork Screw, luckily.

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