Sex And The City prequel coming soon

TV has an infinite capacity for regeneration. Just as the original Sex And The City cast get too old and preposterous to be convincing as predatory Manhattan socialites (not that it will stop them), prepare for Carrie Bradshaw: the prequel.

The series is called The Carrie Diaries, and asks that question that has been perplexing, oh at least 3 avid fans of the show. What was Carrie Bradshaw like as a teenager? Our guess: just as irritating, but with slightly less disposable income and a similarly meagre intellect.

Carrie will be played by 18 year-old AnnaSophia Robb, presumably because the casting agents were basically just looking for a strong jawline and a 3-word name to play Sarah Jessica Parker’s younger self (although AnnaSophia insists on glueing her names together in a needy 'please remember me' fashion).

Candace Bushnell’s book follows Carrie through her last year at high school, as she navigates the habitually troubled waters of sex, identity, families, sex, school rivalries, sex, friendship, sex, Manhattan and sex. In the Sex and the City world, City always comes a distant second, which is a shame because gritty 1980s New York was a lot more interesting than modern Manhattan.

No doubt the series will gloss over the seamier side of New York though, in favour of lots of earnest discussion about boys. In the book, Carrie's pals from the grown-up series are conspicuous by their absence, although Samantha turns up at the end.

The producers are in something of a can’t-lose situation in one respect. Whatever they make cannot possibly be as bad as the Sex And The City movies.

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